Viime loppusyksystä julkaistu Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on taattua sotaeeposta, jossa neuvottelut hoidetaan sarjatuliasein. Myös siihen on kätketty noinkutsuttuja easter eggejä, kätkettyjä hupailuja, joiden löytäminen omin avuin voi olla hyvinkin vaikeaa.

Nyt pelin kehittäjät antavat vihjeitä mistä niitä löytää, näin pääsiäisen kunniaksi.

Äänessä on kolme Infinity Ward -pelistudion isoa kihoa, Joe Cecot (lead multiplayer designer), Lee Ross (associate project director) sekä Jesse Snyder (campaign gameplay director).

Vihjeet saatiin Activisionin tiedotteesta. Koska easter eggien metsästäminen vaatii usein todella tarkkoja ohjeita, tekstit on jätetty englannin kielelle.

Joe Cecot, Lead Multiplayer Designer

What are your top three favorite Easter eggs hidden in the game’s maps?

  • In all of our maps there are multiple teddy bears hidden throughout. Finding them can be a challenge as the builders are very good at hiding them.
  • In the Dark Ops challenges, there is a throwback challenge from Call of Duty Ghosts called “I have no idea what I’m doing.” To complete this challenge, you need to run Akimbo Hailstorms with quick draw and an optic and get 100 kills. The joke is that none of these attachments help but the Calling Card is totally worth it!
  • In Terminal where Burger Town used to be there is a Sushi restaurant. On the menu, there is a very expensive item which is a joke referencing some of our marketing content on Ghosts that went a bit viral.

Lee Ross, Associate Project Director (zombies)

What are your top three favorite Easter eggs to discover in Zombies in Spaceland?

  • Getting a Spaceland Zapper is a great feeling. They take some work but the payoff is worth it, big time!
  • Playing as the man, the myth, the legend…David Hasselhoff!
  • Ghost N Skulls! Getting launched INTO an arcade game in the 80s, INSANE!

Jesse Snyder, Gameplay Director (campaign), Infinity Ward

What are your top three favorite Easter eggs to discover?

  • I don’t want to give anything away, but my favourite Easter Egg is the final moment with Admiral Kotch. You can press the melee button during his final speech to…intervene.
  • All of the SDF most wanted are named after members of the dev team. It’s funny getting to kill our Narrative Director, Taylor Kurosaki or Lead Concept Artist, Tom Szakolczay in the final Jackal Strike mission to me personally.
  • In the first mission, Rising Threat, you encounter a C12 mega towards the end of the mission. Most people don’t realize that if you blow off any limb, you can immediately jump on for specially animated and scripted death sequences, assuming you pull them off. We highlight this in later missions, but it’s possible to do in the first missions as well.